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Year 2 Blog

Autumn 1


We have been reading Frog and Toad.


Year 2 have been learning about key features of an instructional text. Just like the characters Frog and Toad in the story, the children have been following a recipe to make biscuits. They then wrote their own new and improved biscuit recipe.




Year 2 have been reading Pumpkin Soup.


We created a text map and retold the story using our own characters.

Today we celebrated Hello Yellow! World mental health day.

Art this term has been focused on 'Drawing' skills.

Autumn 2

This term we are reading 'The Owl Afraid of the dark'




We celebrated Remembrance Day!

Reading Cafe


Hibernating Hedgehogs work shop

DT Ferris wheel project

Spring 1



Spring 2


Science week

Year 2 have been testing materials to check which are water proof. The children designed and made their own boats to test in the water. They checked to see how many characters their structure could carry.

During Science week, Year 2 took part in various experiments, a virtual farm tour and collecting information on a minibeast hunt. 


Here they experimented with how to make an egg float in water. We found out that adding salt increased the density of the water and this change helped the egg to float in the bowl.

In Design Technology Year 2 have been designing their own healthy sandwich wrap. They have been learning about healthy eating and food groups, taste testing combinations of ingredients to see which work well together and then finally created their own design.