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Key Stage 1 Curriculum

The Curriculum


Key Stage 1 Enhanced Provision and Integrated Learning


Statement of Intent

At Oakwood Infants and Nursery we passionately believe that young children learn best through play and exploration. We want to offer children the opportunity to experience real life events that are linked to their learning.  Every day our children deserve the opportunity to be an artist, writer, mathematician, scientist, designer or a storyteller to name but a few! This is best achieved through play-based experiences which allow the children to consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding and enable them to be become independent and resilient learners. Throughout our environments, both inside and outside, we will see busy children actively engaged in a wide range of activities that they themselves have chosen. We are adopting the principle of Continuous Provision to support and encourages our children and staff to have a lifelong love of learning.


We are beginning to organise our classrooms to promote and develop continuous provision.  This continuous provision enables children to return to their explorations and consolidate their learning over the course of a day for a more extended period. It also allows children to make choices and initiate play without interaction with an adult.


Throughout Key Stage One the children will have daily opportunities to use continuous provision to enhance their learning of the National Curriculum and to develop their own ideas and interests.  Opportunities are carefully planned to ensure progression from Nursery to Year 2 and staff have developed continuous provision plans for each area of learning.


Our Key Stage One children are introduced to weekly challenges where they can independently apply skills which have previously been taught.  This allows children to demonstrate their understanding which in turn allows staff to plan the next steps in the children's learning journey.  Within each phase the children are able to free flow between classrooms and the outside area to ensure access to all areas of provision.


The National Curriculum includes the following subjects:-

Core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science

Foundation Subjects: Computing, Art, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, History, Geography, Design and Technology, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), British Values



Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2022-2023