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Rolling snack

In Reception we offer rolling snack. This involves the children choosing when they would like their snack and serving themselves, once per day, rather than all being seated at the same time with no choice. This has many benefits for the children's development and is also less disruptive to play and learning as children who are fully engaged in a rich learning experience no longer get called away for 'snack time.' It also leaves less wasted time as children are not expected to sit and wait for everyone else to finish their food, leaving more time for exploration, learning and development. 


Rolling snack benefits: 

  • giving children a choice 
  • promoting British Values such as individual liberty 
  • encourages independence, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • it is a language, communication and conversation rich period of the day 
  • develops motor skills and self help skills 


At snack time children are taught how to serve themselves. Children in Reception pour their own drinks, toast their own bread, butter their own toast and wash and dry their own pots. The children love having their own independence and autonomy over what they would like to eat. 



We like to enhance our snack area as much as we can, to give children new experiences and encourage them to try new food, which is a great for the development of language. We add bread, jam, marmalade, cereal bars, cereal, crumpets, different fruits, different vegetables, jelly etc. As this is an additional cost we do ask for £1 a week donation to help us keep the snack area well stocked. This can be handed to your child's class teacher. 


Please note, this is a donation and all children will have access to the snack area whether they have donated anything or not.