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Mathematics at Oakwood Infant and Nursery School.

Our Vision Statement

Oakwood Infant and Nursery school aim to produce individuals who are literate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident within mathematics. Here at Oakwood we do this by: setting work that is challenging, inspiring and motivating, helping our learners to develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards maths. We provide opportunities to develop and extend maths skills through group, paired, independent work, and whole class teaching in a stimulating environment. We provide a range of useful and stimulating resources to ensure that all pupils can develop to their full potential by making connections between the concrete and the abstract. We ensure that children have various opportunities to apply maths in a real context, developing their problem-solving skills. We believe that these opportunities provide the children with a chance to apply logical reasoning and develops their ability to think in abstract ways, expressing their thought processes and ideas through talk.


How we teach maths at Oakwood

Our children are highly motivated and engaged in Maths lessons and enjoy regular challenges. As a result, they enjoy experiencing regular success and love celebrating their progress. As a school, we follow the White Rose Maths Mastery scheme and use Master the curriculum to further support this. At Oakwood infant and Nursery School we use a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach (CPA) to teaching mathematics to ensure that our children gain in depth understanding of mathematics which they can apply in everyday life.


Throughout the school, maths lessons promote discussion and exploration, with a strong emphasis on mathematical language, speaking in full sentences, and reasoning (by children consistently being required to explain how they know). All maths lessons/activities are designed and planned to include all children through a range of approaches. Lessons are planned to facilitate the best possible outcome for all children.

What will be taught and when for each year group.

For more details about the learning progression within each year group please go to your class pages. 

Our Maths Leads

Mrs Price and Miss Lilley are our maths leads. If you have any questions or would like any more information about Maths in our curriculum, please contact Mrs Price on dojo or at or Miss Lilley at


Supporting your child at home.