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British Values

At Oakwood Infant and Nursery School, we actively promote British Values in order to ensure that our children leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. 


Please read below to find out more about how we promote equality and British Values in school.


  • Voting for a book at story time
  • Voting in our School Council members for Key Stage 1
  • Class discussions to ensure things are ‘fair’ and that we all have a say
  • Beads/marbles in the jar – working together to earn and choose a class treat when we have collected all of our beads/marbles


  • We learn about different religions and beliefs through our RE lessons and through our assemblies
  • We all have the right to think and believe in what we wish and understand that this may be different from what others believe.
  • Learn to listen to other peoples points of view and respond in a respectful way.

Individual liberty

  • Being able to choose in classroom provision
  • Being able to make choices within our learning and in our lessons
  • We have the right to express our opinions freely, we are always given the opportunity to listen to each other’s ideas and we respect other people’s opinions

Mutual respect

  • Knowing that we are all different and celebrating this
  • Celebrating differences assemblies and lessons (JIGSAW)
  • Learning about different families, traditions and communities
  • Using a range of different teaching resources to learn about different faiths and religions
  • Showing respect for each other (Our school rules are: Ready, respectful, safe)

Rule of law

  • Knowing that children have rights and understanding these
  • Following our school rules – ready, respectful and safe
  • Knowing that actions have consequences
  • Understanding the wider world – we have a police force and laws to keep us safe