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Cookery Corner For VE Day

Celebrating VE day this Friday? Why not try making your own bunting decoration?

This Friday is VE Day. Here are some fun facts and a few questions to try!

Weekly Activities - Reception 4.5.20

Rainy day idea: Make a rocket for Space day or create a Space picture.

Home learning guide - teaching phonics

Phonics guidance for parents. Online lessons

Friday the 1st of May is Space day! Try some Space themed Maths in the link below!

Click on the powerpoint below to try Space themed math questions!

Today is St George's Day. Can you create a scene from a story using bits of recycling?

Today is Earth day. What can you create using outdoor materials?

It's the Queen's Birthday this week! Try some Royal Maths questions!

Click on the powerpoint below to try some Royal themed Maths questions!

Reception - Weekly Activities

Listening and Attention Games

Blossom and flower spotter sheet from the Woodland Trust

cookery corner week 2

Happy Easter Reception

Click on the powerpoint below to try some Easter fun Maths questions!

cookery corner

At home Blending practice 1 👍 Sound out and blend these words together. You can also use them for handwriting practice and to write a sentence.

Reception Weekly Activities 30/3/20

Week 1 Easter themed Maths Activity

Click on the powerpoint to try more Easter themed Maths questions.

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Information from Mrs Chapman

Ideas from Mrs Chapman re phonics

More ideas from Mrs Chapman re phonics